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Default A poly asked me out.

I'm a single female, early twenties. I used to think I was mono, but considering the amount that I date, maybe that's not accurate. But I never thought about polyamory, until a polyamorous man started spending a lot of time with me, and things heated up.

Now I guess I'm what could be called a second? I know he maintains other relationships, plural, but that's all I know. No - I also know he REALLY loves one of the other girls, because he talked about initial jealousy.

I like the guy. A lot. But I find myself with so many questions... I worry about calling him, in case he's "occupied." I imagine some of the women posting on his facebook are ones he's involved with, and they're more beautiful than I am, and know him better. I worry that he's not really into me, but that he's acting on his freedom to sleep around, and takes advantage of my liking him. I worry that he'll get bored shortly, since I'm less attractive and witty, and move on.

Obviously these are silly insecurities. But can some members of this community help me understand? How do I know it's not meaningless?
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