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You're right YGirl, I was being lazy. I like your assertive/aggressive style.

I'm feeling the NRE very strongly right now. The weekend was lots of fun. Met a new friend at the show and the energy was Strong! We wanted each other sooo bad, but we chose not to act on it, we just danced together and hung about for a while.

Nin and I are still new to this so we've decided to ask permission first before we do anything with anyone else. That would make it difficult to be spontaneous, but we don't want to rush into things.

But it turns out that my new crush has an SO who would not be okay with her dancing with me, much less anything else. Gah, I hate it when that happens. Nin and I have agreed to not cheat with people in mono relationships. It's so hard just being friends when you really want each other.

Nin's really strong NRE with her crush has waned quite a bit. She was hoping that would happen since she couldn't have him.

Nin and I have really fantastic sex last Friday and last night. I think we're getting back into our groove. The few bumbs we had in the last few months are smoothing out.

This forum is amazing.

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