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Originally Posted by esedkudiln View Post

Now, if you mean to say that open relationships don't fit your idea of polyamory, then that's something different. You then have to decide for yourself whether or not to consider me "at your level".

Sorry for being snarky here.

The way I have understood it to be used on this forum is that in an "open" relationship, partners can do whatever, whenever, and with whoever, and may or may not agree to disclose what they do AFTER the fact, but do not need knowledge/consent from the original partner BEFORE the fact.

In a "poly" relationship, it's all about disclosure and agreement BEFORE DURING and AFTER one of the partners starts seeing someone else.

This is not semantic gymnastics, and it is not "snarky", and it doesn't mean you are "not on my level". It is plain English. If you don't agree with it, don't do it. But it sounds like what you (the OP) have with your fiancee is "open relationship".

I assume you both practice safe sex. Not that it's really any of my business.
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