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Default Leaving in a week

I'm getting a bit nervous about moving near Carl. Heading there next week. I'm so looking forward to seeing him after almost three months, and at the same time making the most of my time with Jan before I leave.

Then again, no hurry on that, but I guess I'll see Carl's other girlfriend soon. I don't know how that will feel for all of us, this is the first poly experience for everyone and we all feel a bit scared. Any advice?

Actually, I've met her before, when he was his mono girlfriend (before they broke up) and I was just a friend, maybe this can make things easier. She is a very nice girl. And I say girl because she is much younger than me (and than him), so I'm not sure how she will take this. Plus, she started going out with him in a mono relationship, they broke up, and now she is back but having to "share" her boyfriend with me. I hope she doesn't blame me for the new situation.

Although, I think I can get along with her, I truly hope so. After all, we have something in common, right?
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