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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
Well, that's a blanket generalization if there ever was one! Personally, I never "blamed" my partners for anything if they checked out other chicks. In fact, my husband loved the fact that I would point out pretty women for him to look at. And I'm totally straight. Never been the type to be jealous of a roving eye. I like to look at hot guys, why shouldn't my partners be able to look, too? Just because you've had already dinner, doesn't mean you can't still look at the menu.
I can loosely generalize that people always assume I mean everyone when I really am just referring to a pattern I've noticed among some people. I'm not foolish enough to think there is a generalization that applies to everyone or even the majority. Diversity is the rule, not the exception.

You seem to have have the shopping/buying thing in perspective. Many women seem to feel like they're in the wrong relationship if their partner has eyes for anyone but them. There is a big difference between seeing physical attraction and being holistically attracted to someone. Looks are only skin deep.
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