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Lightbulb funny thing happened at the market today

So I went to the grocery store today and it was the first time I had gone since not wearing my wedding ring anymore. There was this very attractive man that made eye contact with me and smiled. I smiled back politely like I always do and as I passed him (we were going opposite directions) it dawned on me...OMG, you could flirt with that guy...I wonder if he was flirting with you....OMG, there are potential friends/relationships everywhere! If that guy chatted you up, you could ask for his number OR you could give him yours if he asked....I am pursuing a person I already know but it was so funny because it just dawned on me that I can do whatever the hell I want!!! This is fun!

Now, I think the next step is to get Rider to do all of our grocery shopping in the future. He might do very well for himself at the local grocery market!
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