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Originally Posted by Ariakas View Post
I agree. Those support muscles and the extras need to get worked. .. I am just saying.. "if you wanna skate better, skate more"..

the best ballers all played 8 hours a day.. they didn't hit the gym..

and yes, I just said baller.. haha
It's the eye/hand/body coordination. No amount of pumping iron or working out will build that. If you want to get better at something that requires to to move in certain ways to accomplish certain things (shooting basketballs, hitting baseballs, thunking people with sticks), then go out and do them and build the most important thing of all: muscle memory.

As for how I'm doing? The whiplash back to reality is throwing me into a deeper funk then before. It's a slide into depression that's hard to stop, so tonight I'm going out to play some board games with some friends and hopefully have a good time.
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