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Originally Posted by vixtresses View Post
We started out with a condom, but finished without one (I know, I know, totally defeats the purpose of having one).

I think I was a little too idealistic when I set those particular boundaries. I should know myself better than that... I've never liked condoms. I know, I know! They're basic protection, essential, etc., but... sex just doesn't feel the same with a condom. It just doesn't. The friction's different, there are weird sloshy, squeaky noises with a condom, the material bunches up and chafes... Excuses, excuses, I know.
This is just stubbornness and a bit of deliberate ignorance, I think. There are hundreds of brands of condoms for all different shapes, lengths, and girths of penises, and in all types of thicknesses (hello, ultra-thin, anyone?), and with a variety of ribs, dots, colors, whatever. Buy an assortment and find which ones you like best. Lube helps with friction. Make friends with lube, it's fun and pleasurable to use. It's not only your own life you're playing fast and irresponsible with, it's your beloved's too. There are good prices to buy assortment packs online ( is one place, has some).

It isn't funny. If you're going to be open or have poly relationships, you've got to use condoms. It takes a long time and a great deal of trust to go without. Not using condoms because you have this idea that you hate them is simply childish and unrealistic in this day and age. I know I might come off sounding harsh, but it's tough love. Ya gotta wake up and grow up.

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