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Well, I don't know how interesting this will be to others, but it was a big deal for me

I had agreed that it was time to meet my "significant other's significant other" but the situation was quite stressful as I guess you could say she was a little more "significant" at the time than me? They had a 3.5 year long relationship while I had known him for barely three months, so I was feeling the unbalance and way, way more nervous than she was.

To my surprise, we ended up chatting for hours. I suppose it makes sense - that we would both share common characteristics since we had both appealed to the same guy... we're firm friends now and probably would have been even if we hadn't met under these circumstances. What I like most about her is that we interact on our own terms: it's not about who we are relative to the whole situation, and we have a friendship that has it's own absolute value...

No fireworks or awful awkward moments, but it was a big step for me

I think as far as "interesting stories" go, the ones where you meet one another's friends or, god forbid, parents are the more juicy ones!!
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