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So I'm going to keep on rambling because it's my blog, dammit, and I can do whatever I want to (within reason) here.

So along the lines of BDSM relating to past traumas (for those who this is the case). Is it a way to take power back from something that once held power over you? I can see it working both ways, in a dominant role literally taking the power and in a submissive role having some control over what is being done to your body and freely allowing it to happen.

I'm busy working through stuff that is kicking around in my head. This seems to be the best place possible to get some of it out and written down. I welcome any responses but I am not expecting them (yet another reason it's going in the blog section). I'm sure somehow and in some way this is related to something that I have to work through for myself. I'm not sure precisely what that is yet. I just know for the time being that this topic has my focus.
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