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Originally Posted by opalescent View Post
So the issue seems to be that the relationship between the two friends was secret from others, there was some sort of a blowup between them and/or other people and now their bad energy is affecting the circle?

Does your tradition/coven/circle/group have a high priestess or high priest? This sounds like an issue a HP needs to address - not if the sexual relationship itself - they are adults of course - but how the fallout from that relationship is affecting worship. Some of the HP's I am acquainted with would have pulled them aside, offered to talk things over with them but basically tell them to get their stuff together, if only for the duration of the rituals.

There is no need to apologize by the way. Yes, it was not very coherent but honestly, I've written some wandering posts as had many, many people. Some things are not conveyed in an easily understood package. And writing things out often helps my own comprehension.
LOL - Yup to all. And yes, all those steps were taken but the two individuals have reacted as I've just stated above. I just sometimes really get exasperated. A face to face conversation was going to be had with both individually as one lives in one town and another in the other, so it was being worked on the woman working out when she could pop over as she had to work out what to do regarding her kids. I'm amazed how they worked through stuff to be honest considering she has a husband and kids and he's strapped for cash and doesn't drive.. I must give them that in organisational skills and tenacity! lol - sorry.. She chose not to have the face to face meeting.

I suppose my reaction is like it is as they had every opportunity to either call things off (even to the extent of being able to do it on the night) and afterwards to try and sort things through. It's one of those wierd feelings of loss in a way as I realise that I don't actually really know a friend who has been one for almost 19 years.

Thanks for listening to my ramblings.. Just suppose needed somewhere to talk and to maybe get clear in my head that all that could have been done was done to sort through things..

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