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Originally Posted by serialmonogamist View Post
That makes sense but how do you know if the connections you have with people are truly totally platonic or if there's a potential for more? To me it seems like if you find a person attractive and interesting there could always be a potential for a relationship, but the reason you don't pursue every relationship is because there's also a potential for damage.


For me there is a very clear distinction in the types of connection. I agree if you find some one interesting or attractive there might be the potential for more, but for me that is a function of being unconnected or single. When I am connected to a partner I can truly enjoy the company of others because there is no potential for anything beyond friendship. Therefore I don't have that "hunter mentality" to cloud the friendship that is possible when I am unattached.

Monogamy makes me a better friend without an agenda. I'm not trying to get laid or win your heart if I am currently connected so people can relax around me. I'm spending time with you because I simply enjoy your company so to speak

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