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I am SO with you!!!!

My men are very private -- neither one of them wants to come out. We also live in a small conservative community and we have kids ranging from 5 to 16 still living at home. My two grown children know -- one is accepting, the other is not. The younger kids don't know -- they just think we are friends. But it's getting harder to hide my affection for my bf from my teenagers. (And to explain why my husband is going on and it's OK with me!)

I want to shout it from the rooftops too! I want to love out loud! I want to brag about how much my husband loves me, how much my men trust each other, how they exchanged "Happy Father's Day" wishes with one another, how much respect exists between the three of us....

I have my dreams. It does seem that the world is "opening up" (thanks especially to the GLTB community for their EXTREME BRAVERY! RfromRMC -- love!) But for now I have to tuck it inside. It is really hard for me to keep a secret. Fortunately I do have a few trusted friends who know, so I can share my joys with them. Also I have this forum! It's a community in itself. We have a great thread where people share their success stories and happy moments. I try to be grateful for the happiness I do have, and remember that keeping the privacy of my men is another way of loving and honoring them.
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