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Originally Posted by dingedheart View Post
I've seen the reaction of my teammates or players to divorced parents with new love interests or new step parents. It has ranged from indifference to annoyance. If the thought of this strange new guy banging your mom is disgusting having him there to watch you play or perform may not be a positive thing fact it could be a negative.
Like I said, with most kids it's all about how much havoc they see this new person making in their lives. Is the other parent constantly bad mouthing their ex's new bf/gf and vice versa? Does the new bf/gf give off vibes that the kids are an annoyance? Are the kids just angry because their parents are no longer together?

Bringing people who don't have a relationship with the kid to that kid's events is a bit odd to me. Going to their important events is NOT the time to build the relationship, unless the kid specifically asks them to come.

I agree that treasured family friends will always be appreciated. I was thinking in the context of the new open marriage hypothetical.
I guess I couldn't even imagine telling the kids that there was anything more involved until the new partner was accepted as a family friend by the kids.
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