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I can agree with the change of words from "equal" to "fair." "Fair" to me means that you are treated proportionality to the work you put in to something. All steps to being "equal."

However, you, my love, have TONS of influence in what we do as a family. We could not ever be the same without you and your influence. To say that you are not equally considered in all that we do would be a lie. Every move we make together we consider you in it. You may not be here to raise our child, pay our mortgage, and work a job to contribute, but your place within our family is established and that is the pay off of being the poster child for our "polyness" to the rest of our family.

I hope it's worth it. Because we know you are.

I think you think so too, because you wouldn't deal with it all if you didn't.

So sorry for this hijack....
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