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Well, I got all of my thoughts together and we sat down and talked last night. It went well. I was able to share alot of my "boundaries" and fears with him and he shared what his wants and expectations are with me. I told him of my continued thoughts of her and how they have kept me up most nights. We both agreed that the first time for us was a learning experience and things will go differently next time. I told him of numerous comments on here about the eventually dating seperately and he said no, that is not what he wants. I discussed my greatest fears with him of him having children with someone else and he said he does not want that and we could narrow our search down to women who do not want to have children or already have children and don't want any more or can't. I told him of my thoughts of possibly doing the fwb thing and he said that he would not like that because what if that person decided they did want more and left to go off with someone else he did not want to go through the emotional turmoil of that. (We are both very emotional and tend to wear our hearts on our sleeves) We have agreed for now to just take it slow and see what happens, not necessarily looking but still open to if something does emerge that fits us well. Oh, and the other decision we have made is that she will have to already be self proclaimed bi-sexual to ease my worry of her not wanting me like we went through this last time. All in all, I feel a little better. I am slowly growing on the idea of going back to my original fantasy of sharing every aspect of my life with another person, but I am still a little scared. I know that he loves me and cherishes me. And I know that we both want the other to be happy with whatever situation we choose.
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