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Originally Posted by funfunkyfantastic View Post
We know it's illegal (in the military anyway) to commit adultery, which is what they consider polyamory.
Are you sure you want to join an institution that treats people like this? As if it is any of their business at all who a person loves! I'll tell you what, as a bi man, I have already been a little pissed at the military for the DADT policy. And now I see they also have mandatory monogamy!

And, let's be honest here (I'll have to go back and see if you're an USA-ian), America's military has been involved in one utterly unjustified and illegal war after another, and it looks more like a tool of the empire builders than an arm of real national defense.

In this forum, we encourage people to leave bad relationships that can't be healed and stay out of bad -- dysfunctional -- relationships to begin with. My two cents? Stay out of this one. You deserve better.
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