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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
I wouldn't get divorced unless you knew you would still get all your benefits. It's so drastic and affects everything, including insurance, filing your taxes, and so on. Besides, you're just starting out and looking at exploring polyamory. Getting divorced now is kind of jumping the gun, I think. Who knows what could happen? You both might find that poly does not really work for your relationship, but you'd be divorced. I think dip your toes in, slowly, under the radar, take baby steps, and do not come out about it. And after a time, a few years down the road, if/when you've established good, solid poly relationships that you can count on, then discuss if proceeding with divorce would benefit you.
Well we wouldn't do the divorce thing right away and it would probably be only as a last resort once we have established poly relationships. This would also only be after i've already gone through all my training in the military as well. So it will be a few years down the road either way. Thanks for the advice though. I like the positive input.
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