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Oh I feel so much better after some time with my loves, catching up on sleep and little bits and pieces that add up... it helped that my boss has been away also.

Derby and I went out and saw "bridesmaids" this week... very good movie. We held hands, held on to each other, laughed and just caught up! So nice! I was so glad to see her. Next date, or the next big date anyway, is to go to a play. Should be fun

I've been planning a bunch of events that will be fun for the summer, bbq's, camping etc. So glad to be warm and sunny inside

LB fell and cut his neck this week... he got three stiches. This time I was there to take him to the clinic this made me very happy. That time I wasn't there when he feel and was bleeding and PN was wondering if he should go in and get stitches I was at Mono's place. I was so angry with myself, felt like a bad and selfish mother, guilt filled my heart... I love that I don't have to worry about that again now that we are all together.

Date with Leo tomorrow night. The first since our fight. I have resigned in my heart that he is just a friend. I have to forcing that round peg into a square hole I think for all our sake. Wish me luck.

Last days of school, PN is busy writing his ass off and requires lots of down time, Mono is off riding a lot with his buddy that just got a bike and I am thinking of new shows for the fall.... some gender fuck stuff I think. I might do a number with an umbrella and a bathing suit at the end of July. We shall see. I have made some new friends lately and I am pacing my attachment to them. As much I would love to dive in, I am not strong enough and don't trust yet that I should. Maybe I can ride out where I am at with it all for awhile. I'm kind of hoping to.
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