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Default Errm not sure where this one goes!

Well, it's been a while since I've popped in here and life's certainly been 'interesting'... And this is with regards to people we know rather than I and my husband!

The good thing is that we're certainly talking more. I'm waiting to hear when my appointment with a counsellor is so that's a positive. Although there are some stresses - other half's work contract has ended and he's looking about for something else so in this current climate that brings many stresses things were looking ok.. Personally for us I feel that although we're having a few moments its looking positive on a relationship front. He's clear now at what stage I view something as dating so we've discussed how he'll respect that and discuss with me. I've still got to actually get out to meet other people - it's early days, we're not actively looking for anyone else at present, but should something happen for me, it might actually be a good idea if I made some friends!

I was wondering, are there any on here who are Pagan and in a group? Just that the 'interesting' is linked to a situation which has cropped up. We've dealt with it as we saw best as we feel that trust has been broken. Sadly not only in a 'spiritual' way but also in an old friendship which I feel has gone. Someone who we thought we knew of many years, seems to have become someone different with no focus. He seems to be putting sexual relations to be at the forefront of a relationship rather than the emotional and waiting and not having instant gratification. Actually in this 'situation' we have lost two people both in a spiritual and friendship way. There is anger and frustration as we've been blatently lied to as well and others have been asked to lie and been put in a very difficult situation.

Anyway, still reeling about it all - it all exploded this weekend...

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