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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
It's a bit BDSM really, as according to him I own him... lol. Mistress Redpepper... LOL!
Haha!! You're right..I do disagree. But I don't see being treated "equal" as the important thing. It is being treated fairly.

The more a partner puts into the relationship in terms of the standard family stuff or on an emotional level, the more consideration should be given to their opinion, to decisions about the future and so on. I don't feel the needs of secondaries or tertiaries who put in less should have an equal amount of influence. If that was the case this would create a disproportionate weight to the level of contribution.

I would be rather disturbed if a tertiary who was rarely present and only in specific ways entered our chosen family and had the same influence as myself. Especially in light of the heat I take as the public face of your polyamorous lives. Yeah, I 'd have issues with that.

Why can't people accept that being treated fairly doesn't mean being treated the same.

This was a total tangent BTW!!


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