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Originally Posted by MonoVCPHG View Post
And how do you make it interesting enough for people to want to watch it? Yeah, those of us on here probably would but are we making it for just people outside of monogamy?

Usually movies have some tragic conflict that twists our emotions and makes us cheer for a hero or cry for some broken heart. What would be the plot that would carry the relationship message?
Has anyone here ever seen "Spendor"? It was a British film, I think, a romantic comedy, and basically about a girl that sort of "accidently" winds up with two guys - or rather, she starts dating them casually about the same time and then doesn't want to break up with either.

Obviously it's imperfect, as far as "accurate representation" goes, but the movie really casts their relationship in an ultimately positive light and I thought it was pretty heartwarming when I saw it.
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