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I scored a 51 on this test. I was a bit surprised, I feel so selfish most of the time. Maybe I thought I was answering these questions honestly but this score shocked me. My husband and I have been poly for about 6 years and we are thinking about closing things back up to just the two of us. I have jealousy issues. I think its so difficult to find someone with a like mind set that I have interest in. He seems to have no problem at all with four relationships except that the amount of time and energy they take makes me unhappy. Way too odd that I scored on the high end of average. I feel so full of self hate because I am not managing well. I would love to allow him to be who he is. I have felt sometimes, that maybe if I had another relationship besides him, I wouldn't have quite the issue with being jealous. I'm just too introverted to do something about it.
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