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I was watching a documentary last night about a fellow who had been working as a professional Master for about 20 years. The documentary really went into depth about all the screwed up things that had happened to him as a child and a young man. It was making me think how much of what happens to us in our early years influences our sexuality? I was also thinking that I know a lot of people who are involved in BDSM in one form or another, and for the most part they are pretty normal people. Was this documentary just trying to be sensationalist or is there some basis in things that happen to you as a kid have you turn out a certain way as an adult?

I'm worried that in wondering these things and typing them out I'm going to offend someone in some way. I really am just trying to understand though. I'm also wondering because there are some pretty interesting things that go on in my own head that I wonder if they are attached to things from my past too? Human sexuality is such an interesting thing. I find that, at least in myself, it evolves from year to year and just when I think I'm comfortable in my sexuality there's some kind of shift.
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