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I'm not sure what you are doing here to be honest. You sound convinced that he should move in, you should stay with him, he will leave his girlfriend, you won't have sex again with him, and that you will have a lovely mono future with him taking care of you. No one here can make him be the man of your dreams. So what do you want from this conversation? What are your doubts? There must be some or you wouldn't be here I would think.

Personally I think you are being na´ve to think that moving him in is a good idea. The man has some shit going on and I would personally ask that he deal with it before moving any closer to you and especially to a position of looking after you! If he is a dom, it harks of control and imbalance of power that he is bugging you and whining about it. Where is the respect for your space and independence? To me it sounds like he is moving in to be rescued and then to take over your life. Maybe I'm wrong, but something seems really off here. Its making my back tingle.
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