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It's looking more and more to me like we all agree on the concept, but the phrase "treat others like you wish to be treated" is being interpreted differently by everybody.

Some of us are seeing that as "if you would like massages, then you should offer massages to others". Which in my case doesn't work because hubs doesn't like massages, but I do. So he won't accept my massages and to get one I need to ask.

And some of us are seeing it as a broader sense of treat others with respect and honesty like you wish to be treated. Which I'm thinking we all agree with.

So instead of arguing semantics of a phrase that can be interpreted either way, how about we talk about what we seem to be agreeing on:

Act in good faith, with good intentions, honesty, respect and love, in order to receive same back. Communicate with your partner(s) about what they want and need, so that you know how to treat them specifically in the manner they wish to be treated, even though that may be completely opposite of how you wish to be treated. (And respect the differences.)
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