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He has been my friend for 4 years so i care about his welfare, i tried to tell him yesterdsay he needs looking after and i don't think she is doing it.

She is very clingy and everyone i meet says how jealous of me she is...she has radically changed the way she dresses (baggy jeans t shirts) to pencil skirts and corsets (me)...he has said he'd never move in with her...i feel as ihs friend i have to help him but he would have to realise she isn't good for him.

I wonder if she is poly because its what all the LGBT people do so to speak.

My friends tell me to stay with him and she will push him away..i just don't know if i should.

thanks, i blame myself falling for him. but hes been a crush for 4 years lol couldn't believe my luck so to speak! x
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