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No, it means, if I want to feel respected and heard, and for my wishes to be considered, I respect and listen to others and consider their wishes. It doesn't mean I treat everyone the same because everyone is different but if I tune into them and listen to them, treating them the way I want to be treated, then I relate accordingly.

It is adjustable to the people I'm relating to. It doesn't necessarily have to do with specific tasks. Let's say, for example, someone wants me to do something sexually that for me would feel degrading. I'm not into degradation or humiliation at all. So, if I did it, I would be giving them what they want, but it would be something I couldn't bear to have done to me. However, if I listen and respect them, in the way I want to be listened to and respected, and saw that this fulfilled them in a way that something else would fulfill me, I might be comfortable with that. I would consider their wishes just as I would want my wishes considered. I wouldn't have to go along with it or do it if I was totally against it or it made me uncomfortable, but I would communicate honestly with that person, just as I would want honest communication. THAT is treating someone the way I want to be treated.
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