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Today's message at OKC from an old geezer in Indianapolis (I'm in NYC):
You are BREATHTAKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!
Well, I'll give him points for enthusiasm.

Last week's messages at OKC...
This one from someone apparently losing his hair:
Hey how is everything? would you give me some of your hair when I will get trans plant? because I lose my hair day by day lol ok ok do not worry, you do not have to give me hair but I would love to meet you for a drink with nice conversation face to face with watching stars on the sky

Horseless Prince Serkan
This from a guy responding to the caption under one of my pics where I say I love the satin shoes I'm wearing in it:
Hello , I wasn't looking at the shoes mmmmmmm
From another guy responding to the same picture:
Satin shoes? The demarcation from fishnet to skin is the real eye grabbing focus... For me that is.
Those were their entire messages to me. Nothing else. No attempt at conversation.
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