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I think treating others the way you want to be treated works in terms of the broader things like respect and honesty. If you want people to be honest with you and respect you and listen to you, then you should do those things to/for them.

When it comes to specifics, I think treating them the way you want to be treated can be problematic. I know that it's taken me a while to realize that I need to treat my husband very differently than I want him to treat me with regards to specific items because he doesn't feel the same way I do about those things. For a long time I thought I was being respectful and thoughtful because I was treating him the same way I wanted him to treat me-- and in the end it was causing problems because he does not see things the same way as me, and I was in fact making things worse. :-/

Now we just have to talk it out... I have to actually ask him what he'd like in certain situations and though sometimes it mystifies me because it's so completely opposite of what I'd do, I'm taking his word that he knows himself better than I do (at least at that particular moment).
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