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Originally Posted by NeonKaos View Post
So I still say treat others as you would WANT them to treat you, which is not the same as "treat others the way you would TOLERATE them treating you". And if the other person's idea of "tolerable" is your idea of "horrible", then maybe you aren't compatible together in that kind of a relationship.
...or you can talk to people and know what they like. I mean if you're a dom and your partner is a sub, obviously you're not treating them the way you'd want them to treat you at all, yet you're both happy, and certainly not incompatible. If your partner doesn't want things shared, don't share them, but rather than assume, talk about it, that's my point.
If I assumed my partners like the same things I do, I would often treat them in ways they don't like. I certainly don't WANT to treat them that way, whatever THEY want is what matters, but if I don't ask them what they want and assumes they have the same tastes I do...

Just because I prefer if my partners talk about what I do with them in bed doesn't mean I'm not willing to keep it quiet if they don't want me to talk about it. Just because I don't like receiving oral sex doesn't mean I don't like to give it. And so on. If every person A treated others the way they (A) want to be treated, I think a lot of people would be miserable.

Also, treating people the way you'd want to be treated would mean treating everyone the same, and I believe you should treat your partners (as well as your friends, your family, etc) differently from on another because they're different people.
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