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I have been doing a lot of poly listening/reading this week. I'm about on overload though. I think soon I will need to back away from the research and just live the life. Besides, I have a lot of personal stuff to work out on my own, for sure.

But... one thing I did read was one of the old threads on here about prescriptionless relationships. Interesting thread for sure, and kind of goes along with what we've been working on. I've never been a big one on having "rules" with our relationships. Other than safer sex and honesty, I just don't see the need to have all kinds of extra rules. If you love and respect each other and everything comes from that, then I think the little things that come up you can talk about as they happen.

I do think that when we started this thing there was a certain amount of trying to control the speed a bit, mostly because of the already fragile state of the relationship. I think I'm letting go of those expectations, though. I told hubs this weekend that i wanted them to let their relationship go where it's going to naturally. Whatever and wherever that is. And I truly feel that way. Sometimes it's hard for me because I'm still a little raw, still a little needy-- but those things I have to fix for myself.

I'm going next week to visit which is going to be so nice, I can't wait!! The only hard part is that after my visit I wont' see him again until he comes home at the end of August... so about 7-8 weeks. I guess I just need to look at that time as time to work on me and grow.
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