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I'll be even more blunt than RfromRMC was. I have read most of your posts about this guy, and from everything you've written, he sounds like an extremely selfish and self-centered prick with a huge ego. Who needs the kind of crap he's selling? If you were a friend of mine in real life, I'd tell you to dump him. Not knowing each other other than from this message board, I might not have assessed the situation correctly, and you might feel my advice is pushy and off the mark. But I have no doubt you can find better men to be involved with who actually care about you, and are closer to home.

But maybe you just like having your travel and meals paid for. If that's the case, by all means feel free to continue seeing him, even if it means you will have to listen to him prattle on about your potential and have sex with his other girlfriend on his command and against your wishes. It seems you're actually paying a larger price than he is.
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