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Default Idealist Poly Blog Part 42- Yeah for the occassional Spontaneous Sexual Encounter!!

It seems to me that polyamory attracts a lot of emotional people. I totally get that….. polyamory is about a heartfelt connection…..that’s what I want. For me, it’s not satisfying be sexually involved with someone I am not emotionally connected to. So- I do seek these types of connections.

At the same time, when given the opportunity for a high intensity sexual experience on the first night of meeting someone- well, sometimes I just have to Go For It!!! Especially when the “someone” is a couple and I’m attracted to both of them!!

After participating on a couples dating site, Richard and I had met over a dozen couples, but none of these connections were mutually emotionally compatible all the way around. So- we decided to give up on that for a while.

I got involved with Brenda (had to re-name her) and that was going good for a while, but ended recently. Although I am polyamorous, I had decided not to see other women while I was seeing Brenda and that worked out for me….as long there was hope for us as a couple. Once that hope was gone, I became restless

So- I decided to advertise as a single for a while and see what happens. I am well aware that the available single bisexual woman is highly sought after by couples. So, I figured- what the heck.

So, recently a couple contacted me. I could tell by the photos that I would be attracted to her. He didn’t look so attractive, but I had a feeling that he is one of those charismatic guys and sure enough- that was the case!!

We met for drinks and dinner. Within 10 minutes, I knew I was attracted to both of them and liked them a lot! He is a really cool guy also!!! I asked them if they wanted to come to my house and they said they did.

We sat outside on the patio talking. I went into the house for a few minutes and when I returned I asked how they were feeling. I wanted to get her into the Jacuzzi with me!! They said that they were both attracted to me also, but that she had to work early the next morning. So- I asked her what time she needed to get to sleep- she said about 9:30. It was already 7:30, but I promised I’d have them out of here by 9:00 which I did!! OMG- it was awesome. Sometimes a good spontaneous sexual encounter is just what the doctor ordered!!!
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