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I was in a position similar to yours once. I met an absolutely amazing woman, who was perfect in every way except that she was polyamorous. I decided that we could just be friends. And then I fell in love with her. And then I began to hope that she would "grow out of it". And that didn't happen. So I decided that I would let our relationship "run its course" and we could untangle ourselves when I finally found my perfect monogamous match. And a lot of time passed. And there was a lot of hardship. A lot. And her being polyamorous and me being monogamous was driving me completely inside out. So I decided that I was going to try to be polyamorous. And then I was polyamorous for a VERY long time with only one girlfriend. That didn't drive me quite so crazy but was not what I would describe as fun. Then extremely suddenly I was in love with two women at the same time who were both in love with me and I began to be unable to imagine myself any other way than polyamorous. Then many terrible things happened and I find myself now single and polyamorous. Which is also kind of not fun. But in the end I can only describe it as having been worth it. Best years of my life without a doubt. I feel like I am a much stronger person and get to do things that I never, ever, ever would have been able to do had I not taken a chance on that relationship.

So, if after all of that, my suggestion still means anything to you, I suggest that you close your eyes and listen to your own council. Think of her, and if she is really as wonderful as all that, then take a chance. Life can lead you to some amazing places. If she's not as wonderful as all that, maybe consider running like hell. Polyamory can hurt. Bad.
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