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Well, like I feared, no juicy details.

He was unable to come after work as he had an appointment which he had forgotten about. We did talk for about 30 minutes on the phone on his way to the appointment. He really does feel bad about missing out on getting together with me and that he was afraid I was thinking he was avoiding me, which he assured me that he wasn't.

But Cajun's flight came in on time and we spent the rest of the weekend together and had a nice time and an uneventful drive back home.

Who knows where this is going to go now. Maybe I'll start a new chapter as I think I am feeling like a border or wall has been placed between the past and the present and future of our (Elric & my) relationship. But that is probably a very good thing. I see that border as "what's passed is past, time to start working on the future."

So, to the future! *cheers*
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