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Lightbulb About Me/Us in Florida Panhandle

To start with I am the wife of a couple, we have been married 9 1/2 years together for 12. When he (McGuyver) asks I'll help him get signed up here.

Since we have been together we have always had an open relationship bringing close friends into our little bubble for intimacy. I fully knowing that he was capable of loving more than one person intimately since the beginning though there were never any instances without me being involved intimately since we became lovers.

Until recently I never thought about becoming more than just the two of us on a permanent basis. While my preference is to add another woman for the both of us to love, it seems that it doesn't matter to my husband whether we grow our family with a male or female, as he would enjoy me to have another love as seeing me happy makes him happy. However, I am not sure that I want to add another husband but am open to it and if it happens it happens. (Wasn't looking for the hubby I have and here we are 10 years later but wouldn't trade him for the world.)

We have recently come to the end of a relationship with someone and the hubby is taking it harder than I, but then again I don't share feelings or get close to people as quickly as he can. We both know that time will heal the open woulds but that's it, it will take time. I guess I saw her pulling away from both of us a lot more quickly than he did so I guess I was more prepared for the break-up than he was.

While this hurts now there were some very good things that came out of this relationship. My hubby use to work 7 days a week never taking the day off "L" helped make this change as hubby began to take time off from our every day grind when "L" had her days off so that we could go do things together. Even his younger daughters noticed a difference in both of us that we were happier and even gave me (their step-mother) compliments!!

I look forward to meeting new friends and wait patiently for our next relationship. I can only imagine living with both my soulmates.
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