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Originally Posted by dingedheart View Post
It was centered around time or their perception of the lack of..and the commitments of the parents. Or the parents getting lost in a hobby ....and then by extension this newest hobby marriage.
As an ex-player and coach the stands could be completely full people but the kid only want the parents or grand parents sometimes girlfriend/boyfriend or dads new play mate not so much.
Parents that get "overly involved" in any hobby or activity causes issues.

They may not want the "new" play mate, but someone that has been part of the family for years, they do want there. It makes a difference, if this person has always put the kids first. The kids know when they come first and it does make a diffference how they perceive/relate to others. My husbands bff is like this. She will and has dropped everything, because one of my kids forgot their lunch or needed a change of clothes brought to them at school, etc and the kids know it.

Most kids don't even give a second thought to what goes on outside of their presence, unless it is causing serious waves in their life. If it is causing Mommy and Daddy to argue more, if one or both parents are more absent, etc.

I agree, for most kids the sexual aspect of their parents is just inconceiveable until they gain alot more life experience (mid 20s +). However, knowing it weirds out the teenagers, makes them so much more fun to tease.
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