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Originally Posted by Minxxa View Post

I had reached the point where my trust was gone and I was okay with separating. I figured we'd still be in touch, and in each other's lives. It didn't come to that, but it came very close. I can tell you that if things hadn't changed i would have left and been okay with it at that point. My peace of mind was more important to me than dealing with the secrecy and lies.
Minxxa, thanks for your thoughtful response. Part of what is going on is that I feel so alone in this. As all of you here know, often talking to non-poly people results in "well, what did you expect with your type of relationship."

Perhaps one issue, aside from him needing to figure out what's going on with him, is that I've been afraid to confront the fact that this time I am actually okay with separating because my trust is also gone. My fear of loss at what we have that's good is at war with my responsibility to care for myself.
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