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Question Coming out to parents about new gf

Hi! I've been dating my current boyfriend for nearly 5 years now. I recently started a relationship with another girl, and we've been dating close to 8 months now. She is my first *real* girlfriend, the first one I've had a serious relationship with.

I don't think I'm really necessarily a poly person, I just happen to be in love with two different people. My bf has always been open to me being physical with other women and we have shared experiences with girls together too. It took us off guard when I ended up falling in love with a girl I thought was just a crush. He supports us being together and she supports and respects me being with him.

The reason I'm writing all this is I would like to stop hiding her from some of the most important people in my life, my parents. They've had their suspicions in the past but *technically* to them I'm a straight girl lol. Which is funny because I'm more gay than straight, but any way. Point being they don't even know I like women so I've been holding off springing that on them and the fact I have a girlfriend (and a boyfriend) for a while now. I've been waiting to see where things are going with her and I. Now that I know things are serious and we plan on this lasting a lifetime, I think I should let them in on what's going on. I want her to feel included and not just like "some girl friend" of mine.

My parents have become more open minded in recent years and have many gay friends, however none in poly relationships as far as I know. My bf thinks the only problem both our parents will have when finding out is the chance of me hurting my bf or ruining things with him. Which yes, is a real fear, and nothing can be determined 100%. But we are all happy right now, and I don't want to have to hide it any longer.

Any tips on comin' out?! Thanks
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