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mono ...I guess I expected a more laid back, go with the flow....what ever makes them happy type response. The other thing I thought was interesting was when one of them brought up that this seemed to be like a hobby that included sex.

The group 8 males 1 female ....female 1st time married 2 kids 32, male 26 single no kids we know of , male 29 single never married has 1 small child with live in gf , male 38 married 4 kids ,1st marriage. And none of the boys/young men had kids or wives.

The question or questions related to grand children didn't come up that I heard ....with 10 people there were lots of side conversations going on all at once. The older folks were trying to put themselves either back as a teen confronted with said question or thinking about the "what if" mom and dad announced today they were going to open their they would feel and respond.

Tonberry I didn't hear anyone make comments about strangers taking a parent away. It was centered around time or their perception of the lack of..and the commitments of the parents. Or the parents getting lost in a hobby ....and then by extension this newest hobby marriage.
As an ex-player and coach the stands could be completely full people but the kid only want the parents or grand parents sometimes girlfriend/boyfriend or dads new play mate not so much.

I think you summed up their( the boys ) thought process perfectly ...Inconceivable.... that is it in a nut shell.
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