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Originally Posted by Karma View Post
Spent the day building new, pretty weapons for darkon/dag. I'm a firm believer that your garb should be awesome, and so should the things your swinging at people. I've actually been studying Tsukamaki, the traditional method for wrapping a katana handle, and the results when applied to foam swords are stunning Also helping my friends and my brother back home get a new Dag unit off the ground. I'm coaching/advising from three states away, which has been interesting... I'm limited to phone calls and posting vids of training drills on our facebook group page, but I think I'm helping anyway.

Other than that, still putting my head back together slowly but surely. I'm better than I was a few months ago to be sure, but I still have things to work through. But, I'm getting there. Patching up relationships with friends that I didn't realize I had strained seems to be the recent theme, and I'm having a wide variety of results in that endeavor.
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