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Default Here we go again.

Kevin & David & I had some three-way intimacy many years ago. It's started up again--quite unexpectedly for all of us.

We went for a hike together to a meadow and had a picnic in the sun and shadows beside a stream and green, green, green--idylic, lots of talking, handholding, holding of heads in laps, simple joy-tenderness and relaxed easefulness picnic.

Not a lot else to say just now. Happy. Healing. Growing. Nothing at all to complain about.

The affection is flowing in each direction and there are no problems at all.


Okay, I'll say a little more.... I'm so freaking LUCKY! I am SO free to explore, expand, exist, excite, examine...! I'm SO out of the box and it's So natural and easy that it might make my head spin if it weren't so ... well, ordinary. It does feel as if Kevin & I are simultaniously "dating" David, only without anything so heavy as "dating" going on. Easefull, light, good -- no big deal. It took a lot of hard knocks to get here for all of us and we ought to be proud of our accomplishments.

There were sloppy kisses at the end of this beginning. All around. No nakedness -- just as the situation called for!

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