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It's crazy how one little thing can set your mind into thinking the worst. Last evening, I was nearly in tears as my mind immediately went to "worst case senario" instead of the most logical and likely. I had to talk myself down before approaching my husband. While I was "processing", he noticed something was wrong and asked about it. I made the decission to make NO assumptions in my approach and just made a simple request. He immediately appologized and I knew I made the right move in my approach.

This started me to thinking about a bunch of random thoughts as I read through some posts here:

**Cheating is extremely hard to overcome and will take much longer than either party expects. Even when we think we have moved on, it can come back and bite us in the ass when we are feeling insecure.

**OPP (or any "one sided" set of rules) makes me immediately think "controling abusive jackass", as it resembles behavior my SIL(who is in an abusive relationship) has been describing of her husband.

**Society as a whole has gotten extremely lazy when it comes to interpersonal relationships, that are children are paying the price. By the time we are adults very few of us have the tools to keep a long term relationship healthy.

**Overcoming the instinct to be judgemental takes practice.

**Bad news seems to come in waves. Does good new come in waves also and we just don't pay attention?
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