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Default Checking in with Metamours

Sometimes things can be rolling along so smoothly that I forget to check in with PN about how he is doing. One of the values of this forum is how it can remind me to do things that seem almost unnecessary now. Redpepper's husband and I were hagning out after work, waiting for RP and LB to get home, so we chatted about the forum and relationships for a bit. It gave me a good opportunity to naturally check in with how he is doing. I asked him in simple terms if things were as good between us as they seem and if he was struggling with parts of my relationship with RP. He was unhesitant to say "absolutely not" and we carried on with our business.

We used to have formal sit down coffees or "check ins" but have moved passed that.

On a different note, we were dropping my truck off to a friend (a love of PN's) and one of his room mates asked if we were brothers. This is not the first time this assumption has been made andI think it speaks volumes about the energy we have as friends.

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