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Default burning the bridge part 4

Things are going well for the three of us but on Saturday we had a minor melt down. Rane was off all day for it was the day of her grandma’s memorial So she wanted to hurt Draco emotionally. She did just that. He was upset by the time we left. Rane was taking break up. Draco stayed at our place and showered and kinda hung out. We got home from the memorial and I fed the dogs so Rane could shower and talk with Draco. I was told I could come to bed at anytime. I opened the door and waiting till there was a break in the convo. Draco looked at me and said ‘ have u been listening thi whole time?’ no I said. I just want to know if I can come to bed or do u need a few more mins?

He asked for a few more mins. I closed the door and was instantly upset. Three things just happen that shouldn’t of!

1) I was kicked out of my room!
2 ) I should be involved in the convo if they are breaking up for it’s a relationship of three not two.
3) Rane didn’t say that I could stay.

So after 45 mins Draco came into the office and said I could come to bed. I was angry so I stormed in there and yelled that It was unfair that I was not involved in the convo, I was kicked out of my room, I am not wanted or needs so I will take my pillow and sleep on the couch.

Rane and Draco both said that was unfair so come to bed. I said no I am not wanted or needed. Then I stormed out of the room. ( I know very mature but I was upset!) they texted me and said sorry and took time to cool down. Then went back to bed and we talked and all made up and kissed. Yes I kissed a boy. So another step in the right direction.
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