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Originally Posted by Quath View Post
Be careful of listening to God (or thinking you are). Sometimes the results are humorous like in God's Busy Schedule. Or horrible as seen in the stories of Peggy Ross, Latisha Lawson, LaShaun Harris, etc. These people killed family members because God told them to. While mental problems seem to be an obvious blame; how can you tell if someone who listens to God is mentally ill or not?

If you hear God physically, then I think it is more likely you have dissociative identity disorder, schizophrenia or you are listening to your own inner voice. The easiest way to help you decide is to ask that voice a question that you do not know the answer to. For example, ask what the lottery numbers will be right before they are called out. God should know. You don't. If there is no answer or you get the wrong answer, then I would suggest getting help.

I don't mean to sound attacking of other people's beliefs, but I worry when people say they can hear God.
There are different ways of thinking of "God" in practical terms that distinguishes it from just any insane ideology you can think of. The way I think of it is as a concept of a good authority that is not afraid to question any human authority figure. So whatever anyone tells you or leads you to believe, God lets you question it and if you think it's wrong in some way, you can search further for a better answer. I think God also provides guidance by illuminating which thoughts are wrong. I guess you could view "God" as just a sense of truth and goodness where you KNOW when things are wrong or not good. Sure, you could go insane and be misled but if that is the case, what other voice (internal or external) is going to prompt you to be more sane? It sounds like all you're really saying is not to trust the voice within because it could trick you. What is that doubt supposed to do for you other than leave you confused? Ultimately you have to make choices and you need a basis for that. If you don't call that basis "God," what would you call it then? The next question is if you trust whatever basis it is you use, why would you avoid attributing it to "God?" Don't you think that all humans have ever done is attribute whatever wisdom they can muster to a greater being or force?
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