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A Jack & Jill Story

Jack and Jill were out for a stroll one day. They had never met one another before, and were walking from opposite directions. There was a hill near the horizon and that's where each of them had decided to walk, so they could look down upon the town and ponder it all.

When Jack arrived atop the hill, Jill was there, sitting on a bench and drinking lemonade. And Jill was happy to see Jack and said hello and introduced herself. Pretty soon Jack and Jill were happily drinking lemonade on the bench together and talking about the pondering of it all. They were both a little shy and awkward at first, but as time went on they got comfortable with one another. They decided to meet atop the hill again, next Saturday.

After weeks of meeting atop the hill, one fine Saturday, Jack shyly and awkwardly reached out and touched Jill's hand. Jill was happy about this, and she opened her hand and gently held Jack's hand in hers. And together they pondered things atop the hill.

Next time they met they held hands immediately upon meeting, but first they exchanged hugs. After pondering things together a while they kissed.

And things were going alright for a while, and there was much joy and happiness shared, and many things pondered. But Jill began to lose her joy. The seed of a worry that had at first been very small had grown larger. Jill began to worry that somehow she would end up hurting Jack. Jill loved Jack very much, but the fear that she might hurt Jack grew larger and larger until that fear began to close Jill's heart right up when she was with Jack, or even when she thought about Jack.

And Jack's heart also began to feel a little tight when he was with Jill, because Jill no longer smiled quite as much or radiated much happiness and peace. Jack began to feel some hurt when he was with Jill. He felt rejected. "She doesn't love me much anymore," thought Jack.

And Jack didn't smile quite so much anymore, either, and began to feel mostly sad and hurt around Jill.

Jill's fears were confirmed. She had hurt Jack! And this made her feel really awful about herself. And the more awful she felt about herself the more awful she felt about herself, because now Jack feels even worse and worse each day, because Jill is in too much pain about hurting Jack to warm Jack with handholding and kisses and smiles.

By this time Jack and Jill would meet atop the hill and wonder why the hell they're even doing this any more. They're both all caught up in "I'm a bad person" stories. "I'm not good enough."

But the pain of it all made Jack ponder all the more. He looked deeply into things and saw what was happening. This made him smile again, for there was still hope.

"Jill," said Jack, "I have a plan."

"What is your plan?" asked Jill.

[By this time, Jill had shared with Jack her fear that she would one day hurt Jack.]

"Let's let each other go, said Jack."

[Jill was afraid she'd hurt Jack by leaving him one day.]

"But I really do love you, Jack, and I want to be with you now."

[Jack's heart began to open and soften again, hearing this.]

"Yes, Jill, but all of our fear that one day things between us may go badly are actually causing things to go quite badly right now, when we really do love one another."

[Jill saw that this was true, and realized that there was indeed hope, and this caused her to feel great joy and love, which she shared with Jack. And they held hands and kissed and pondered some more.]

"I love you so very much, Jack," said Jill.

[Jack looked into Jill's eyes and at her bright smile and saw that this was true, which
overjoyed him.]

And so Jack and Jill, because they loved each other ever so much, held each other tightly as they let each other go.

And years passed and whenever they are together you can see them holding each other tightly and letting each other go.

"I love you so much!" said Jack and Jill.
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