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I'm not familiar with light work, but one way that I've actually tried is manifestion. If you're not familiar with it, I'l briefly run down what it involves:

1. Create a (specific) list of exactly what you're looking for, and include a time scale for when you want to receive it. Read it at least once a day, preferably more.
2. Create a list of the things that you're already thankful for in your life.
3. "Act as if" - basically you've got to condition your mind to accepting that you have it - for example when I was manifesting money to travel to LA to see a partner I booked the days off work and started telling everyone I was unavailable during the times I wanted to go, despite not being able (yet!) to afford the flights.

The beauty of this system is that it doesn't even require magical belief. I personally believe that the universe leads you in particular directions and this opens your mind to following those directions. However, even if you don't believe in magic, acting as if is a common psychological trick (think fake it til you make it) and simply creating a specific list of what you're looking for will focus your mind on obtaining it.

Anyway, when I manifest with a partner, we draw up the list together of what we're looking for, then we both write out a copy of it in our own hand-writing. After that, we each write on the others' list, usually that we agree with the list and what we're excited about for it and what we're thankful for. That way whenever we read the list alone, we're reminded that the other has bought into it as much as we do. That's pretty much the only difference from doing it solo.

To give you an example, most recently a partner and I are interested in forming a(n open) triad relationship so we came up with a list for the sort of person we're interested in (some serious, some funny, some completely random) with a timescale of about 6 months to meet this person. That was just over 3 weeks ago now, and we've already met two people who look like they fit the list. Of course, there's no guarantees that either of them are the person we're looking for, but we trust that the universe will help us find them

And if someone is skeptical about the whole manifestation thing, just making the list together gave us a much clearer example about the sort of person we're looking for, which means we won't waste any time with someone that the other would have no interest in.

And even if that wasn't enough for you, just talking (and dreaming) about this future partner was a fun activity!
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