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I had a really great chat with hubs tonight. Just nice to talk and see how things are going. I realized today I had an issue with something and I got to tell him about it without getting stoooopid. I just realized that after thinking about it there was sort of an issue (at least something that affected me), so I let him know really simply. It went well.

In the past I woudn't have said anything and then eventually I'd have gotten all pissy about it. It's nice not to be there anymore.

I do worry sometimes that he's going to be on emotional overload. He's got two ladies in his life that are dealing with a lot of stuff... that can't be easy. He's doing well though, so I won't argue.

I also got a call tonight that my teacher had personal issues and won't be having class on thursday, so my presentation is due... tomorrow! ACK!!! I've done a lot, but I don't have it done. :-/ I'll try, but sheesh.....
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